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To book a tour, send an email to

Our goal is to give an opportunity for self-discovery, team development and appreciation of nature. We offer several programs for students, corporate groups and families.


Through the five learning stations, namely, Wonderful World of Worms, Treasure from Trash, Coconuts are Cool, Incredible Insects, and Green Charcoal Energy, participants will get a glimpse of what our company has stood for more than 58 years, and get insights on how we can all share in this mission to work as stewards of God and the environment.


Each station is centered on sustainable initiatives stemmed from Filipino ingenuity and has grown to be recognized globally. Welcoming all youth and adults, these learning stations will strengthen camaraderie, develop individuals and mold a cooperative and efficient team as they work together in attaining their goal.


The Greenovations Tour’s learning stations have been designed to provide activities that not only offer a full sensory experience, but also use principles to develop values for harmonious teamwork that may generate insights and spark positive energies while engaging the mindset of a sustainable future for the generations to come.


A far cry from the hustle and bustle of the Metro, our facility gives you a combined experience of nature’s beauty and gifts, with innovations that advocate greener solutions. Nothing seems more relevant these days than that. So what are you waiting for?


We offer several packages to suit your purpose, or based on your budget. We can accommodate small groups of up to 80 participants in our facility. For more information, please email us your request with your contact information, and our team will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

To book a tour, send an email to

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