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12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country

Written by Alex Lacson

Alex Lacson’s first book
A massive national bestseller
Reprinted more than 40 times



This is my very first book.


This is a product of both my frustrations and my faith.


In 2000, my wife and I seriously thought of migrating to the U.S. or Canada. At that time, my older brother and his entire family just immigrated to the US. My younger brother also applied for migration and eventually left with his whole family.


But after seriously thinking about it, my wife and I decided to stay and live our lives in the country, where God planted us.


But even with that decision, there was something that worried me. What if twenty years later, the country does not develop and turned for the worse?


It was with that view that I asked myself, what can I do to help the country? It was then that I realized, upon reflection, that I have a small talent, the talent of writing. So I decided to use this small talent God gave me to help our country. I decided to be a writer of books that promote love and sacrifice for our country.


Thus, in 2005, I published this book which, to my pleasant surprise, became an instant national bestseller. It made me realized that there are actually many Filipinos who love our country and want to do something to help it become developed and prosperous.


My heart swelled with hope.


I always believe in the power of little things.


A small seedling today could become a giant tree tomorrow. A simple smile could lead to a healing and lasting reconciliation. A small act of kindness could mean the world to someone feeling hopeless.


I believe that, as a people, we have all the essentials we need, around us and within us, to succeed as a nation.


I believe that the Filipino is not second class to anyone, not to the Chinese, not to Japanese or Koreans. The Filipino has the talent, skills and potential to become truly world-class.


I believe that all we need is to learn to truly love one another and our country, to learn to sacrifice some of our personal good for the greater good of the community.


This we can do through small acts of love and sacrifice everyday, like the 12 little things in the book.


I believe that if and when we learn to do this, we would be on our way to a better future.

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country

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