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12 Little Things Our Youth Can Do To Build Our Dream Philippines

Written by Alex Lacson

These are powerful 12 small acts of love and patriotism that can make our youth the genuine hope and savior of our nation.



After the success of my first book, the “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country”, many people, particularly teachers, requested me to write a version that is youth specific.


Indeed, some of the little things in the original book cannot be performed by the youth, especially the students.


Thus, with the help of the members of KaBayanihan Foundation, we conducted a survey in several campuses, involving more than 600 students. We gathered ideas on what the youth can do to help our country.


The result of that survey became the basis of the original version of the “12 Little Things Our Youth Can Do To Help Our Country”. However, over the years, I decided to revise it. I removed some items and replaced them with other “little things” which, in my view, are more meaningful in terms of the impact they would create in society, as well as on the youth, the doers of the little things.

I also changed the book title to its current form, as I wanted our youth to dream big dreams not only for themselves and their families, but also for our Philippines. I included in the book a poem on “Our Dream Philippines”.


This book contains many of my beliefs.


I believe, like Jose Rizal, that the youth are the hope of our motherland. In fact, I am convinced that the youth are not only our hope, but also the savior of our nation. Only they remain the most idealistic and hopeful sector of our society. They have the energy, vigor, dynamism, talent, and yes, the number to determine the results of any elections in the country.


I believe that we can foresee our nation’s future in the state of our youth today.


I believe that if we don’t prepare our youth well, we are not preparing well for our country’s future. We shall reap what we sow.

I believe that if we really want a great future for our country, then we must raise a great generation of youth – those who would dream big and aim high, not only for themselves but also for our country; those who would create wealth not only for their families, but also for those who have none in our society; those who would strive for our people’s happiness as their own.


I fervently hope that this book would be able to help, even in small ways, in raising that great generation of Filipino youth.

12 Little Things Our Youth Can Do To Build Our Dream Philippines

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