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BARRIER® Nika Pitcher Filter

The BARRIER® Nika Water Pitcher is the most economical pitcher-filter in the Philippines!


With its slim and sleek design, it can easily fit in your refrigerator door shelf. It can hold 2.5L and is perfect for small condominiums or even dorm rooms. 


You don’t need to wait for your water delivery again or suddenly go on a convenience store run for bottled water supply. Simply fill this up with water from the tap and have your drinking water ready in 5-10 minutes! 

BARRIER® Nika Pitcher Filter

  • This BARRIER® Water Pitcher holds 2.5L and comes with one (1) Standard Filter Cartridge. Please note that the cartridges are marked with their manufacture date and can be stored indefinitely as long as sealed package is unopened. 

  • For PICKUP Only.

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