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Nika Pitcher Filter (WHITE)

The Bayanihan spirit of helping one another, especially those in need, is ingrained in the Filipino culture. This is most evident during calamities.


Everytime calamity strikes, we donate BARRIER Pitchers to affected families through the network of Springs Foundation and Elim Communities. We have logistics partners who often deliver the relief goods for free. 


We offer here Pitcher Filters at cost. You may

1) Purchase and Donate thru our networks

2) Purchase and Donate as you please.


Community Pantry, Relief Goods, or for your Poor Neighbor. This is all based on the principle of HONESTY, that you will indeed give the Nika Pitcher to someone in need, and not buy for yourself as it is offered at cost only.


If you are part of a disaster relief organization and need the Pitchers in larger quantities, please email Mars Catan directly at Thanks and God bless you!


Each Barrier Pitcher includes one standard cartridge.

Nika Pitcher Filter (WHITE)

₱995.00 Regular Price
₱500.00Sale Price
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