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F3Plus Termite & Ant Control Powder

The F3Plus Termite Powder is best used for indoor termite treatment. Each bottle contains 80g.


Resist the urge to kill any termites you see in your house, especially when you have identified any of their tunnels. Instead, make a small hole and very lightly apply some termite powder, almost just like dust, in the hole.


When the termites walk or come in contact with the powder, they will pass it on to each other with their antennaes until the powder reaches the colony, especially the queen. 


Give the powder some time to take effect so that it reaches the colony, since the only way to effectively control a termite problem is to kill the queen.


For prevention, you may apply the powder in cracks & crevices. Examples are baseboards, door jambs, and ceilings (kisame).


For outdoors, use Mapecon F3D50 liquid concentrate.

F3Plus Termite & Ant Control Powder

₱950.00 Regular Price
₱527.25Sale Price
  • Each package comes with 80g of F3 PLUS Termite & Ant Control Power in a resealable plastic dispenser.

  • Upon confirmation of payment, your order will be shipped in 3-7 business days (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays). This applies to all payment methods. 

    Metro Manila deliveries typically arrive 3-7 days upon confirmation of payment. Please note that delivery schedules are subject to change depending on local quarantines of specific areas.

    If you receive the wrong product or find notable factory damage on the item, it is eligible for return and exchange within 7 days of receipt. Please send us an email at with a photo of the damaged or incorrect item so we can assist.

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